• Olives

    The most significant fruit of the Mediterranean Sea from ancient times until today. The olive fruit are not only a source of natural fibers and minerals but also mono-unsaturated oily acids which have beneficial influence on our health. Black or Green olives are the most important appetizers of a nutritious and complete diet.

  • Olive Oil

    The quality of olive oil is owed in a line of characteristics: • The quality of soil. • The ideal climate, encouraged from the rich sunlight and the breeze of the sea. • The method of culture that respects the laws of nature. • The unique varieties of olives (mainly variety Mammouth Chalkidiki)...

  • Olive: The blessed fruit

    The history of olive trees and olive oil are age-old. The olive tree reflects thousands of years of Greek history and tradition. The olive tree lightened, fed, cured, crowned, poshed up...

  • Gallery

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